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November 4, 2009

Ford 5R55N Rebuilder Tips

The year 1999 brought us: Napster, an internet music download service; the Euro, which was implemented as Europe official currency; Record deadly snowfalls in the Chicagoland […]
August 12, 2007

5R55 bearing repair

With all of the hoopla about the 5R55N/W/S noise problems it seems shops have forgotten about the fact they need to check the impeller to stator […]
August 2, 2006

Dacco F-57 8-Stud 5R55N

Taking A Closer Look… Ford Explorer Dacco F-57 8-Stud 5R55N Area of concerns Excessive clearances Common Replacement Parts: Multi-clutch plate & stator caps Customer Complaints Rattling […]
August 2, 2006

5R55N Converter Rattle

Many rebuilders are experiencing torque converter rattle after rebuild with the 5R55N converter. While the cause is officially undetermined at this time, suspect components have come […]
January 1, 2005

Ford 5R55N Converter Specs

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