Shaw Automotive & Core Supply–Family Owned and Operated– We strive to satisfy all our customers.

Our specialty is torque converter cores. On average at any given time we stock approximately 40,000 torque converter cores. As usual, the late hot items move fast and we sell these on first come, first serve basis. We stock everything from Corvair, Tempest, Industrials, to the latest converters available.

We are national and buy, sell and trade converters across the nation and internationally. Other items that we cater to are transmission cores for the high performance industry: Powerglide, Chev 400, C4, C6, Auxiliary 700, 350 non lock, TF8, etc.

On average we stock 2000 or less transmissions and inventory on these fluctuates greatly. We also stock some (very limited) late model transmissions.

Robert Shaw – Owner or Cliff Shaw – Manager
Shaw Auto and Core Supply
Torque Converter Core Supplier

33 Lumpkin Campground Rd South
PO Box 1052
Dawsonville, GA 30534
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