The Torque Converter Rebuilders Association is a professional non-profit organization formed for the betterment of the converter rebuilding industry from industry leaders in the fields of Converter Rebuilding, Parts Supplier, Parts Distributor, and Transmission Shop Technicians.

Our Member Benefits

  • Technical Help Line

  • Seminars

  • Setting of Industry Standards

  • Large Source of Info on Converter Issues

  • Suppliers Advertising

  • Goodwill

  • Training Programs

  • Monthly Newsletters

  • Watchdog on Legislative Issues

  • Watchdog on Manufacturing Issues

Member’s Only Website Benefits

  • Online Resource Library

  • Access to Technical Information

  • Free Posting of Classified

  • Member Directory

  • Forums: View, Post, Answer Questions

  • Site-wide Searches

  • Updates on the Latest TCRA News

There are Four Types of Members in the Torque Converter Rebuilders Association.

Each type has been developed to benefit the different types of businesses in the industry

  • Converter Rebuilder

    Shops that rebuild torque converters, allows you to advertise membership, vote in elections & use nationwide warranty.

  • Supplier

    Supplier members are those who manufacture or supply products, equipment or services to the converter industry.

  • Distributor

    For members who distribute but do not rebuild converters.

  • Transmission Shop

    For non-rebuilders interested in tech support

Our Mission Statement

The TCRA (Torque Converter Rebuilders Association) is a non profit international trade association that was formed to benefit its members and the Torque Converter industry as a whole.

TCRA strives for better communication between its members, the Torque Converter industry in general, and the wider ranging Transmission and Powertrain industry. TCRA promotes this improved communication through the use of:

  • Print media, news letters, technical bulletins, and publication of articles in various trade and technical journals.
  • Electronic media, including internet domain(s) dedicated to the benefit of the membership and the industry at large.
  • Educational seminars and trade show events where industry members can freely exchange ideas and take part in various training programs.

TCRA promotes the highest level of ethical business and rebuilding practices for professionals in the industry.

TCRA recognizes the importance of being accountable to its members, by effectively using its resources in order to always achieve its mission.

The TCRA has several future ambitions including the following:

  • Expansion of our Website for TCRA Members
  • Expanding our Training Programs
  • Group buying power

Dues are currently $50 per month payable in advance.
We are currently waiving application fees for new members.

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For more information or questions about memberships, give us a call at 1-775-815-1867
or send us your inquiry through the form on our Contact Page.