CD4E, 9-1/4 (3.0L & 2.3L)

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November 30, 2008

Quick fix for CD4E

It’s Friday at 4:30pm, and I have one hour left to go. It has been a tough week already. Ask any New Yorker after the week […]
November 5, 2006

Ford CD4E/Code H

Taking A Closer Look… Ford CD4E/Code “H” Dacco Part Number F-70 Pilot Size .825” Overall Height 3.685” to 3.720” Bushing Diameter 1.760” to1.768” Clutch Clearance .032” […]
November 5, 2006

CD4E clutch designs

CD4E clutch designs include questionable flaws Over the past years, Ford has created numerous clutch designs, including changing the design from model to model. The frequent […]
April 13, 2006

CD4Es continue to plague rebuilders

CD4Es continue to plague rebuilders After receiving an inquiry from Jus tin Kawasugi at Kalakaua Converters in Honolulu, Hawaii, it is apparent CD4Es have yet another […]
April 13, 2006

CD4E piston failure occurs frequently

CD4E piston failure occurs frequently The TCRA news staff has been asked many times to do a story on repairing the CD4E cracked piston syndrome, otherwise […]