Board Of Directors Joe Rivera Jr.

Joe Rivera Jr.

Board Member

Joe Rivera Jr. brought an immense knowledge of computers to the business and catapulted ProTorque to the forefront of the computer-controlled, electronic lockup torque converter market. For this reason, Joe Jr. has been included in several advisory boards and has been asked to speak at multiple industry conferences and seminars. Joe Jr. spent several years as the President of the TCRA (Torque Converter Rebuilders Association) and has had several articles written by him published in trade publications.

Joe Jr. is widely known and respected in the transmission industry and racing community as a leader and as an innovator. He has spent nearly two decades developing a complete line of customizable torque converters to meet the needs of everyday drivers, street racers, and professional level race teams.

ProTorque Performance Products torque converters revolutionized the Outlaw drag racing world and dominated the scene over the last several years; helping to set many records and record countless wins.  P3 torque converters are also installed in most of the cars featured on “Street Outlaws”, Discovery Channel’s highest rated show, which is currently in its 10th season with an estimated 3.5 million viewers.

ProTorque is at the pinnacle of the high-end race market, the product line is proven superior, and the knowledge base is unmatched. Using nothing more than a great reputation, word of mouth, and social media, ProTorque has gained an international clientele with drivers holding drag racing records in multiple countries.