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We know that you have many choices when deciding which torque converter manufacturer to buy from and we thank you for viewing our products.

What Makes a RevMax Torque Converter Better?
RevMax Performance Torque Converters can custom-manufacturer nearly any torque converter for any application. Whether it is an Allison Equipped Medium Duty Truck, Race Car, or family sedan, we can do it all. If you do not see a product that you want, simply call us and we can see about custom making it for your vehicle or application. Don’t forget to check out our Product Selector.

Competitive & Affordable Prices
47RH 47RE PLANETARY THRUST WASHER KITMany people that we speak with ask us, “why are your prices so much better than the “big names” in the industry?” It may seem impossible to sell such a high quality item at a low cost, but it is really quite simple! There are two main reasons why we can offer our items at the prices we do.

First, we do not have any large distributors reselling our products at an artificially higher price point. We want the consumer to get the absolute lowest cost on our products. By cutting out the middle man, the consumer can see a much lower price. All of our items must be ordered directly through us, which in turn gives us complete control of the price our customers pay.

The second main reason that we can offer such a low price is controlled advertising. You will not find our ads in big magazines, trade shows, forums or events. This is the largest cost most “big names” pay for and pass down to the consumer. We strictly rely on word of mouth advertising, and we feel that we do not need to advertise elsewhere as our customers do it for us. Our product quality quite literally “speaks for itself”. Please allow us to explain what makes our product, we feel is, the best money can buy!

Knowledgeable & Experienced Employees
At RevMax Performance Converters, the difference starts with our workforce. We employ extremely knowledgeable people that are deeply devoted to making the best possible products. We are not a production factory, each item is custom-built to your exact application. While most other manufacturers and catalogs simply sell you a pre-built item that closely matches your vehicle, RevMax takes it one step further. Every torque converter we build is exactly custom-built to your specific application! This means that your vehicle will run better and faster than other torque converters on the market.

Quality Parts, Every Time!
Our employees are the beginning, but the parts we use in our products are also the very best money can buy! All of our pilots and turbine splines are made of 4340 hardened steel. Our impeller drive hubs are precision-ground and composed of 4130 Chrome Moly. This gives you the hardest and most exact tolerances for your torque converter. We feature Raybestos Clutch Linings on most of our torque converters that we build. We use only the highest quality seals, o-rings and components from US distributors only.  We do not use any overseas companies, so your converter really is MADE IN THE USA!!

Industry Leading Equipment
4L60E lsx, 6L80 lsx stage 3 torque converterThe equipment that is used to manufacture and machine your torque converter is also MADE IN THE USA! In fact, the equipment we use is widely known as the best in the industry, and at a cost of over $250,000.00, no costs were spared!  We utilize TCRS torque converter rebuilding equipment. Some of the items that we use daily include the TCRS Automated Robotic Welder and the TCRS Computerized Balancer. We have many different engine lathes and other welders and test equipment as well.

All of our torque converters pass a rigorous inspection process prior to leaving our warehouse. All items are first height-verified prior to welding and then two employees inspect the converter to make sure it is assembled to within our specifications. We then weld the torque converter on our TCRS Automated Robotic Welder. After welding, the overall run-out is checked. Each converter is then checked to make sure that the internal clearances are within spec. After that, each converter is then pressure tested to 120PSI to ensure that there are no leaks in the housing or welds. Next, each torque converter is individually balanced on our computerized TCRS balancer prior to being painted. The final step is painting the product. We utilize high heat engine enamel that is designed to allow the converter to dissipate as much heat as possible while still giving you a beautiful finish to enjoy!

Shipped With Care
Each converter is then shipped to you in a heavy-weight custom manufactured box. Each box is filled with a high-density foam blend to secure the torque converter. This ensures that our products arrive to you in perfect condition every time! We hope that you enjoy your new torque converter as much as we did making it for you!

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