It is a condition of membership that the following advertising standards as to the use of the name “Torque Converter Rebuilders Association “, any abbreviations thereof and the use of the TCRA logo are adhered to.

  1. The Association name or abbreviation is not to be used as part of a company or other business or organization name.
  2. When a membership is terminated for any reason, the member agrees that they will cease to use the Association name, abbreviation, or logo on any promotional material or other material whether printed or electronic.
  3. In the case of a long term promotion or where material is being used after the termination of membership, the membership dues payments will continue to be levied until such time as the material is no longer being used.
  4. On termination of membership, all signage and membership stickers should be removed from the premises. In the case of TCRA supplied signage; this should be returned to the association or disposed of by agreement with the Association.