Innovation isn’t a trait everyone is born with. It requires an ability to acknowledge need, tenacity to continue moving through setbacks, and the ability to transform a vision into fruition. Thankfully for Haas Automation, Gene Haas was born with the innate ability to create. Initially Haas envisioned eliminating tedious, manual labor by incorporating automation. Who would have predicted 30 years later, Haas Automation would be leading the industry in CNC machine tools manufacturing.

Not long after creating its first automatic indexing head, in 1987 Haas Automation entered a competitive world of machine manufacturing, an area primarily dominated by offshore companies. Its first vertical machining center would rival its competitors’ products and prices. Haas Automation continues to prove quality machinery can be produced stateside at an attractive price.

Demand enabled Haas Automation to grow steadily as it claimed market share. Between 1991 and 2006, the company’s growth supported moving from a large facility in Chatsworth, CA to building four buildings on 86 acres, encapsulating one million sq.ft. under its roof.

It hasn’t been solely the product that has driven Haas Automation’s success. In 1999, the company developed a worldwide network of Haas Factory Outlets to successfully remedy machine repairs on the first attempt 90% of the time. These outlets are outfitted with a robust inventory of service parts, enabling speedy repairs on short notice.

Haas Automation hasn’t taken its success for granted. It has and continues to thrive on cutting-edge marketing driven to excite consumers. The company has displayed at more than 1,000 trade shows worldwide, typically creating a stir on the expo floor. Haas also continue to improve online visibility, something the company has done for the past 18 years, by providing concise and practical information about its products on its website, and today engaging visitors through various social media platforms.

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